Why the Browns Need to Dump Baker Mayfield After This Season

Colin Cowherd: “Cleveland has to consider everything now, including letting him play hurt if you privately don’t think you’re going to re-sign him anyway. Let him play and let him go. They’re not a championship team if Baker is at 80%, and I don’t think they’re a championship team anyway. You have to consider shutting him down for the year, getting him completely healthy, go with him for one more year, and then make a decision. You also have to consider – and I know it’s going to hurt your feelings, but put the pom-poms down – moving OFF him. Shutting him down and moving off him. You have an injured and average quarterback in a division with Lamar and Joe Burrow getting better by the minute, and it should be noted that in March the Pittsburgh Steelers will be first in line to make a run at Aaron Rodgers. AARON RODGERS, JOE BURROW, LAMAR JACKSON… Baker Mayfield, the fourth-best quarterback in your division. We’ve got 52 starts, folks, the verdict is out. He averages a completion percentage in the low-60’s, passer rating 90, and under a 2-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Don’t just take this year with the best offensive line in the league, that’s not what quarterbacks have for years. You clearly have a coaching staff who keeps their thumb on him and does not believe in him, just go to the Chargers game for that. This league does not reward passive. You gotta consider moving off him, you got an injured quarterback who is average. They’re not sure on giving him an extension and I think they’re leaning ‘NO’”. (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Browns need to strongly consider moving off Baker Mayfield after this season.

The Browns exercised Mayfield’s fifth-year option in April, extending him through the 2022 season, but Cleveland still hasn’t gone the route of the Bills and Mayfield's 2018 NFL Draft brethren Josh Allen and awarded Baker his first massive long-term deal yet.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Cleveland needs to be more proactive in a division that could soon add Aaron Rodgers, to an already scary crop of AFC North quarterbacks with Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow.

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