Colin Cowherd Says Raiders Are Officially 'Back' as a Premiere Franchise

Colin Cowherd: “Twenty-twenty-five years ago the Raiders games all felt HUGE. They were rivals with the Steelers, they were rivals were Don Shula and the Dolphins, they were rivals with Elway, they were rivals with the new Seahawks... EVERYBODY was their rivals, and they played those late afternoon games that just felt gigantic. And then they just didn’t matter a lot the last 20 years. THE RAIDERS ARE OFFICIALLY BACK. Last night was the single best loss, not only for the Raiders, but any NFL team this year. If you’re a Raiders fan you should feel GREAT. Derek Carr was HUMMING, and that was as good as Derek Carr has ever played. They can run the football, they can go deep, and they can eat the clock… Jon Gruden is my Coach of the Year and I’m doubling-down on it. I know they’re only 6-4, but if the playoffs started today, the Steelers in the AFC would be the number one seed and get a bye, and Kansas City would be the number two seed and play the RAIDERS. I’ve got news for you, Andy Reid has NO interest in playing them again. He’d take Cleveland, he’d take Buffalo, he’d take Baltimore, he’d take the sleepy Colts, and he’d probably even take Tennessee. The Raiders are officially back and Derek Carr and Jon Gruden are in complete and utter harmony… This felt so much like the Rams-Chiefs a couple years ago in that game that was supposed to be scheduled in Mexico City. The Chiefs lost that game, but it kind of feels like a couple years later the Chiefs can win that game, and it’s the Raiders who feel a little bit like those Chiefs, and not quite ready to win ‘that’ game yet, but they’re really close. They’re about as good as a 6-4 team gets.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Raiders are officially ‘back’ as one of the premiere teams of the NFL despite their thrilling 35-31 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, as Colin believes the Raiders are one of the league’s most dangerous teams.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Jon Gruden and Derek Carr might be on the precipice of becoming the new Chiefs type juggernaut of the AFC.

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