Colin Cowherd: Lakers Can't Beat the Clippers in a Postseason Series

Colin Cowherd: “The Clippers WANT to meet the Lakers in the playoffs. They don’t want to meet Denver, and they don’t want to meet Utah, and they don’t care about Houston, Oklahoma City, or Dallas. They want the LAKERS, and they are building a team to throw four guys at LeBron ant BEAT the Lakers. This move [Reggie Jackson] was symbolic and they want a new arena. Steve Ballmer is aggressive and he’s Mark Cuban on the west coast. He’s going to go right after the Lakers. They are building a team to beat ONE TEAM and they don’t give a rip about anyone else. Frankly, I don’t think LeBron can overcome this roster. They’ll never admit this, but if I said the Clippers could sweep the Lakers and humiliate them and then lose in seven to Milwaukee, I wonder if they would choose that over NOT playing the Lakers in the playoffs and winning a title.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he not only doesn’t think the Los Angeles Lakers can beat the crosstown rival Clippers in a seven-game playoff series, but also why he thinks the Clippers would literally rather beat the Lakers in a playoff series and then lose in the Finals, than win the NBA Finals if their path through didn’t include the Lakers.

Colin was commenting on the team’s recent acquisition of former Detroit Pistons guard Reggie Jackson, which followed their Trade Deadline acquisition of Marcus Morris.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he firmly believes the Clippers are not necessarily designing a team to win the NBA Finals, but rather designing a team specifically to crush the Lakers in a playoff series.

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