Why Are We Still Talking About The Jets?

Photo: Elsa

The New York Jets vaulted into the spotlight once they signed QB Aaron Rodgers to the roster and have struggled mightily since his injury. They are back to square-one with Zach Wilson returning to the huddle, yet the spotlight has remained. Dan Beyer & Monse Bolaños, in for Doug Gottlieb, wonder why anybody still cares now that Gang Green have returned to their former mediocrity.

Dan Beyer: “If the guy that we care about is laid-up in a bed in Malibu because of his Achilles surgery, why are we still talking about the New York Jets?”

Monse Bolaños: “I’m still interested in what the Jets are going to do without him, and I’m interested to see how Zach Wilson can, maybe, come out of it.”

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