Doug Gottlieb: Why Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift Rumors Are Praised and Mocked

Rich Davis: “The people that are hating on this with stuff, like ‘who cares about Taylor Swift??’, people that are hating – they're cut from the same cloth as people who were rooting for Coach Prime to finally lose. They take a joy in hating mainstream stories. Those people need a hug.” 

Jason Stewart: “I typically have reasoning behind my cynicism. I don’t just hate everything on face value. It’s infiltrated my workspace. I consume so much NFL on a daily basis for my job that every time something like this comes up I’m forced to look at it, read it—this has nothing to do with Taylor Swift or her music, and I respect her art, but it has infiltrated my work space, that’s why I am personally annoyed by this story.” 

Doug Gottlieb: “It does feel a little forced... I think it’s cool. I would like to think if I was Travis Kelce—I'm a good-looking, financially-secure superstar athlete, and I was single; what is the point for working for all that stardom if you can't use it to benefit you in the most obvious way possible? Why do guys like to play sports? It’s never necessarily been about money, but the money, the fame, the glory, and that you’re in good shape usually leads you to date hot chicks. Isn’t that the most obvious thing? If you’re that guy, Taylor Swift is single so why don’t you ask her out? He took his shot, I love it. And she comes to a random Bears game? I don’t know if you saw their newest podcast [the Kelce brothers], there’s a new clip of it online, where he’s like ‘did Andy Reid set this up because he knows the Swifts? Who knew Cupid was that big!’ The whole thing is great, I think it’s cool. If I were a single superstar athlete around 30 years old and I wanted to take my shot, why not take my shot at the most eligible famous bachelorette on earth? Even Bill Belichick had a funny line on it, how great is that? I am enjoying it but I do understand your cynicism.” (Full Audio Above) 

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating rumors that have taken the sports and pop-culture world by storm this past week, and detail why the story has nearly been as polarizing as ‘Coach Prime’s’ emergence into big-time college football. 

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb and producer Jason Stewart talk about a segment from Fox Sports Radio’s ‘Covino & Rich’ show where Rich Davis and Steve Covino mock NFL fans who have been trolling Kelce for shamelessly pursuing the country-singer megastar.  

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