There's No Question the Rams Plan Has Been Successful

Photo: Rich Fury

The Los Angeles Rams are having a difficult season and criticism has surfaced about the plan they implemented to build their championship level squad now that they are struggling. As their team is aging, they find themselves without enough draft picks to rebuild on the fly and may struggle for the foreseeable future. But Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres, in for Doug Gottlieb today, both agree that their recent success, including a Super Bowl title, is plenty of evidence that their plan worked regardless of what happens this season.

Dan Beyer: “To say that Les Snead and this plan for the Rams didn’t work? Well it didn’t work to the tune of 2 Super Bowl appearances, a Super Bowl title, and 4 playoff appearances during those 5 years.”

Aaron Torres: “Anybody who’s saying that something didn’t work when you won the championship is a freaking idiot!”

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