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Paul Finebaum Says He'll Never Acknowledge Michigan as National Champions

Paul Finebaum: “They did something wrong. Whether Harbaugh ordered it or not, he’s responsible. That’s what the rulebook says whether you like the rules of the NCAA or not – and I don’t. I have friends that say ‘THE NCAA IS OUT TO GET THEM!’, but if you go back, if Jim Harbaugh had just agreed to dismiss whatever these allegations were during COVID, Level 2 allegations, it would be over, but he wouldn’t. Jim Harbaugh is so recalcitrant. He just wouldn’t admit to doing anything. We know people like that, from high school until right now that will never admit that they’re wrong, and that’s what gets them in trouble every time. Whether the NCAA had an axe to grind or not, he pushed them to this point. All these coaches I hear from all believe that Harbaugh gained not a slight advantage but a significant advantage, and something should be done. Frankly, I don’t think a three-game suspension is that big of a deal even considering the weight of next week’s game. If Petitti turned his head it would have looked ridiculous, and I applaud him for doing it.” 

Dan Patrick: “If Michigan wins the national title, will you recognize them as national champs?” 

Finebaum: “I will refuse to recognize Michigan as the national champs. I was taught that athletics should be an even playing field, and to me, they are not subscribing to that.” 

Watch college football media mogul Paul Finebaum join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why he would refuse to recognize the Michigan Wolverines as national champions should they make it to the College Football Playoff and win both games.

Check out the segment above as Finebaum questions the legitimacy of a potential Wolverines championship, which would their first since 1997 and just their second since 1948, because of their role in an illicit sign-stealing scandal that resulted in Jim Harbaugh being suspended the rest of the regular season.  

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