Aaron Rodgers is Trying to Humiliate the Packers Front Office

Aaron Rodgers is Trying to Humiliate the Packers Front Office
Jason Smith: “Aaron Rodgers is a maestro at dragging the Packers through everything until the end game, which is ultimately ‘I WANNA EMBARRASS THE PACKERS.’ More than anything else he wants – more than a trade, and more than a new contract, he wants to embarrass the Packers front office. He wants to drag the Packers front office through everything, make them pay, and embarrass them for drafting Jordan Love, and treating Aaron like ‘you’re a guy that can go at any time’… Aaron Rodgers has a contract for next season. He’s not a free agent and it’s not an opt-out year. That’s why everything he’s saying about ‘I hope I’m returning, but I don’t know’ is a very big deal… He is a master at finding out how to ‘not’ say something, while REALLY saying something. He has a contract for next season and this shouldn’t even be a conversation, but the fact that he’s making it one tells you where he is at… Right now, he wants the Packers to sit back and say ‘WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO’ and running around like they’re chickens with their heads cut off… Aaron Rodgers could teach a masters class on this. This is going to sit and stay here for a while and Aaron Rodgers is pulling all the strings.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Aaron Rodgers’ strange comments on his ‘uncertain future’ after Green Bay’s loss to Tampa in the NFC Championship was simply Rodgers just trying to embarrass the front office for drafting Jordan Love, knowing darn well he’s obviously going to be back with the Packers next season.

Check out the audio above as Jason details why Rodgers is the ‘puppet master’ of a Packers' front office that is probably panicking right now and brought to their knees by Rodgers’ calculated passive-aggressiveness, and willing to give up all leverage to Aaron.

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