Lamar Jackson Needs to Be Held More Accountable For Baltimore's Failures

Lamar Jackson Needs to Be Held More Accountable For Baltimore's Failures
Doug Gottlieb: “Marquise Brown is a first-round draft pick, Mark Andrews is a first-round draft pick, JK Dobbins was a second-round draft pick, and they used to have Mark Ingram – a first-round draft pick. They used to have another tight end who asked to leave because he didn’t get the ball enough. They paid Ronnie Staley more than anybody else at that position… The one thing they probably need is a bigger wide receiver, which is why they use tight ends, because their quarterback is just not accurate. Can we all conclude that the Ravens are a very good defense? Can we call conclude that they’re a 'good' offense and that they’ve built around the talents of their quarterback? Why is it so hard for anybody to go ‘Lamar Jackson is better than most people thought he would be, but he’s still not necessarily good enough, or playing well enough for us to win big with.' Instead of fixing a hole that you may have on defense, or on your offensive line with a first round draft pick we’ve gotta use another pick on a wide out?? Because you’re not going to sign one as a free agent, you’re just not. A free agent wide recever is only going to be willing to sign with you if you’re going to pay him above going rate, and going rate is $25 million a year. And oh by the way, Lamar Jackson wants to be paid $40 million this offseason… We operate under this ‘he doesn’t have enough!’ asseration, but what are we even talking about?? Every quarterback in the league wants an offense that is built around how THEY play, and that’s exactly what Lamar Jackson has. Would he like what Tampa Bay has, and have all those weapons? He would like it, but you know what they wouldn’t be? They wouldn’t be happy because he runs the ball too much… Lamar Jackson wants ‘more’, and you’re going to have to pay more, or draft it, OR Lamar Jackson can just get better, which is what the best way to do it is… We ask the impossible of teams, not realizing that at some point the player has to be accountable.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb push back on this idea that Lamar Jackson needs ‘MORE’ talent at the wide receiver position, saying Jackson is not a good enough passer at this point in his career to be warranting the Ravens drafting another first-round wideout or paying big bucks for one in free agency.

Check out the audio above as Doug details why he thinks Lamar is already living the dream as a quarterback running an offense that is perfectly designed for his strengths, and says Lamar needs to simply ‘get better' as a passer to deserve a no. 1 WR who can run the types of routes that aren't exactly in Lamar's wheelhouse of throws at this point.

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