Doug Gottlieb: Tom Brady Should Retire After Super Bowl No Matter Who Wins

Doug Gottlieb: “You've already been to ten Super Bowls, which is twice as many as the nearest competitor. There is literally and virtually NO competition at the top. You can be the greatest quarterback ever and walk away, OR you can do what Conor McGregor did, and now you’re a meme. You don’t wanna be a meme, do you? Right now Uggs are COOL, Tom Brady is COOL, and everything about it seems to work. If you do one more year it’s that one more run of a pickup game where somebody always gets hurt, and it’s never as good as you thought it’d be. Next year if you play road games it’s REALLY on the road, and there will REALLY be home fans, and the league gets younger and more violent… All it takes is one hit to forever change the rest of your life, to where your wife wants to literally come out onto the field and say ‘you’re done here, son.’ You DON’T want that to happen. You can go out in a home game. You got there in the first year... At some point you’ve had enough, or you’ll be like a boxer and carried out of your last fight. Don’t run it back, you already untied your shoes. You’re playing at home, you’re playing with house money, people legitimately didn’t expect you to be here, you were an underdog in the last two playoff games, and now you’ll be an underdog in the Super Bowl. It’s a win-win. If you lose, OK, you lost to Mahomes, who is the new up-and-comer, he’s the new gunslinger, and they’re the defending champions. You win and it’s a great upset, but who cares, you GOT to a Super Bowl. Now no one can say you did it only in the AFC East. and with one coach, Bill Belichick, one system, and with a great culture, because he established Tampa’s when he got there… Aaron Rodgers has a lot left to play for, but Tom Brady has literally nothing. When he puts on a helmet, shoulder pads, and cleats, and he goes out there a week from Sunday in Tampa as the first quarterback to ever play in front of a home smattering of fans in a Super Bowl, that should be the last time he EVER plays tackle football.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen do Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks this upcoming Super Bowl 55 game between the Bucs and Chiefs should be the LAST game ever for Tom Brady, regardless of whether or not Brady and the Bucs win or lose.

Brady signed a two-year deal worth $50 million during the last off-season, so would be giving up the second year on his contract if he were to retire.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he doesn’t think Brady has anything left to play for, and why he should leave before he regrettably goes out on his shield like Conor McGregor.

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