Analyzing the 4 forced turnovers by the Packers defense Thursday

Whether it's the significant roster overhaul on defense or players getting more familiar with defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's scheme, the Green Bay Packers' defense already looks better than a year ago after the first preseason game.

Tim Backes of Cheesehead TV lays out the moments in which the Packers defense already looks like it's going to improve upon last year based on what was seen in the first preseason game. Here's a breakdown of all four turnovers forced:

  1. Ka'Dar Hollman interception: Backup quarterback Joe Webb simply underthrows his receiver, and Hollman recognizes it in time to get in the path of the ball.
  2. Muffed punt touchdown recovery: Of all four of the takeaways, this one is the one you can most easily chalk up to being luck. But it's still a heads up play by Equanimeous St. Brown.
  3. Strip fumble: Raven Greene isn't able to make the tackle, but he does stretch in to punch the ball loose. Will Redmond is then fortunate enough to be in exactly the right place--the ball essentially bounces right into his chest, allowing Redmond to take it the other direction. 
  4. Chandon Sullivan interception: It's just a bad throw by Webb here, throwing up a high floater in a tight window after telegraphing his decision. Sullivan makes the most of it, jumping in to pluck the ball out of the air and take it down inside the Texans' five yeard line. 

You can read the full work at Cheesehead TV by clicking here.

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