Packers offseasons under Gutekunst buck prior trends

Brian Gutekunst has been involved in the discussions around player acquisition for players both on the current roster and those who ultimately didn't end up Green Bay Packers. The new direction is certainly a change from the prior Packers front office.

Jason Perone of Cheesehead TV writes that it's still interesting to look at all of the moving parts in both Packers' offseasons under Gutekunst for context on the current roster:

Since taking over as general manager of the Green Bay Packers, Brian Gutekunst has been a part of many conversations regarding player acquisition outside of his current roster. Some of those conversations have turned into new Packers players and some have not. To some, it's just wisely navigating the waters of value for price paid. To others, it's been a wholesale failure to do everything the team can to win a championship... What has been fun to watch is how Gutekunst has navigated his two offseasons so far.

Jason also writes that now that the Packers are active in acquiring talent outside of the NFL Draft, that as training camp cuts are made, you'll see plenty of names attached to Green Bay.

You can read his full piece at Cheesehead TV by clicking here, and also read his analysis of some of the big names on the market in the past week or so, including former Badgers running back Melvin Gordon.

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