Aaron Rodgers will determine whether the Packers can bounce back in 2019

With Mike McCarthy now removed as the Packers' head coach, Aaron Rodgers is now the most prominent figure left to shoulder the blame for the lost 2018 season in Green Bay, and where the Packers go from here in terms of success in 2019.

While his stats have him in the upper half of quarterbacks in the NFL, the argument has been made that if Rodgers is going to be paid like the best quarterback in the league, he's got to back it up on the field. To that end, a merely average Rodgers (233 yards passing on 50 attempts in Sunday's dismal loss to Arizona) isn't enough to carry the team.

Some have even gone as far as to say it's exactly Rodgers' fault the Packers are where they are right now, even citing his attitude rather than his play as the reason why Green Bay is so far removed from playoff contention. However, there are others who point out there's blame to go around for everyone.

So, is it his fault? We explore with Pro Football Focus (Video):



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