MKE Sports on 97-3 The Game, and The Big 920 (updated 1-25-21)

Wednesday 1/26>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Grand Rapids-5:30pm>>The Big 920>>Wisconsin Hockey Hour (coaches show)-7pm-97.3 The Game

Thursday 1/27>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Wisconsin @ Nebraska-3pm-97.3 The Game/The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin WOMEN'S BB-Wisconsin @ Nebraska-7:40pm-The Big 920

Friday 1/28>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Rockford @ Milwaukee-6:30pm>>The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's HOCKEY-Michigan @ Wisconsin -5:30pm (no pregame, JIP at 6pm)-97.3 The Game

Saturday 1/29>>Tailgate Talk-7am-97.3 The Game>MKE Admirals Hockey-Grand Rapids @ Milwaukee-5:30pm-The Big 920

Sunday 1/30>>The LTN Hour-10am-The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Minnesota @ Wisconsin-11am-97.3 The Game/The Big 920>>WW1/NFL Conference Championship Doubleheader-(JIP after Badgers)-TBD-97.3 The Game>


Monday 1/31>>Admirals Center Ice-5pm-The Big 920>>Learfield/Greg Gard Show-6pm-97.3 The Game

Tuesday 2/1>>MRN/NASCAR-NASCAR "Live"-6pm-The Big 920>>Wisconsin Hockey Hour (coaches show)-7pm-97.3 The Game

Wednesday 2/2>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Rockford-6:30pm>>The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Wisconsin @ Illinois-7pm-97.3 The Game

Thursday 2/3>>Learfield/Wisconsin WOMEN'S BB-Iowa @ Wisconsin-6:10pm-The Big 920

Friday 2/4>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Chicago @ Milwaukee-6:30pm>>The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's HOCKEY-Wisconsin @ Ohio State-5:30pm (no pregame, JIP at 6pm)-97.3 The Game

Saturday 2/5>>Tailgate Talk-7am-97.3 The Game>>WW1/NCAA College BB-UConn @ Villanova-10:45pm-97.3 The Game>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Penn State @ Wisconsin-4pm-97.3 The Game>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Chicago @ Milwaukee-5:30pm-The Big 920

Sunday 2/6>>The LTN Hour-10am-The Big 920>>MRN/NASCAR-Busch Clash at the Coliseum-1:30pm-The Big 920>>WW1/NFL Pro Bowl-1:30pm-97.3 The Game


Monday 2/7>>Admirals Center Ice-5pm-The Big 920

Tuesday 2/8>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Wisconsin @ Michigan State-5pm-97.3 The Game/The Big 920

Wednesday 2/9>>On Wisconsin with Chris McIntosh-6:00pm-97.3 The Game>>Wisconsin Hockey Hour (coaches show)-7pm-97.3 The Game

Thursday 2/10>>Learfield/Greg Gard Show-6pm-97.3 The Game>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's HOCKEY-Notre Dame @ Wisconsin-7pm-97.3 The Game

Friday 2/11>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Texas-6:30pm>>The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's HOCKEY-Notre Dame @ Wisconsin-6:30pm -97.3 The Game

Saturday 2/12>>Tailgate Talk-7am-97.3 The Game>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Rutgers @ Wisconsin-12pm-97.3 The Game/The Big 920>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Texas-6:30pm-The Big 920

Sunday 2/13>>The LTN Hour-10am-The Big 920>>WW1/NFL SUPER BOWL SUNDAY-TBA-97.3 The Game


Monday 2/14>>Admirals Center Ice-5pm-The Big 920>>MRN/NASCAR-NASCAR "Live"-6pm-The Big 920

Tuesday 2/15>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Chicago-10:30am-The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Wisconsin @ Indiana-7pm-97.3 The Game/The Big 920

Wednesday 2/16>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Rockford @ Milwaukee -6:30pm-The Big 920

Thursday 2/17>>Learfield/Greg Gard Show-6pm-97.3 The Game>>MRN/NASCAR-The Duel at Daytona-Daytona Int. Speedway-5pm-The Big 920

Friday 2/18>>MRN/NASCAR Truck Series-NextEra 250-Daytona Int. Speedway-6pm-The Big 920

Saturday 2/19>>Tailgate Talk-7am-97.3 The Game>>MRN/NASCAR Xfinity Series-Beef 300-Daytona Int. Speedway-3:30pm-The Big 920>>WW1/NCAA College BB-Florida State @ Duke-4:45pm-97.3 The Game

Sunday 2/20>>The LTN Hour-10am-The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Michigan @ Wisconsin-11am-97.3 The Game>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Manitoba-1:30pm-The Big 920


Monday 2/21>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Manitoba-1:30pm-The Big 920>>Learfield/Greg Gard Show-6pm-97.3 The Game

Tuesday 2/22>>MRN/NASCAR-NASCAR "Live"-6pm-The Big 920>>Wisconsin Hockey Hour (coaches show)-7pm-97.3 The Game

Wednesday 2/23>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Milwaukee @ Manitoba-6:30pm-The Big 920>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Wisconsin @ Minnesota-7pm-97.3 The Game

Thursday 2/24>>WW1/NCAA College BB-UCLA @ Oregon-8:15pm-97.3 The Game

Friday 2/25>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's HOCKEY-Wisconsin @ Minnesota-7:30pm-97.3 The Game

Saturday 2/26>>Tailgate Talk-7am-97.3 The Game>>Learfield/Wisconsin Men's BB-Wisconsin @ Rutgers-4pm-97.3 The Game>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Colorado @ Milwaukee-5:30pm-The Big 920

Sunday 2/27>>The LTN Hour-10am-The Big 920>>MKE Admirals Hockey-Colorado @ Milwaukee-2:30pm-The Big 920

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