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Save AM Radio - A Part of the Emergency Alert System!

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There’s talk about AM radio being removed from new cars and trucks!

That’s right – removing access to the very AM radio stations that millions of Americans count on for local emergency information, especially when your cell phone is dead and you’ve lost power. Then AM is a lifeline!

FEMA and first responders across the country rely heavily on AM radio to deliver public warnings in emergencies – due to AM’s unmatched reach, resiliency and because it’s FREE.

Some people say you don’t need radio because you can get alerts on your phone – but that’s hardly the same.

A text alert on you phone is not a substitute for what broadcast radio provides in times of need. A one-line text alert cannot take the place of a voice on the radio talking to you 24/7 until the emergency passes – and that’s assuming the cell networks are even up and running, which often they are not. When emergencies occur, your local broadcast radio station is there providing wall-to-wall coverage, life-saving information and a live connection in the crisis – and then radio stays in the aftermath.

Emergency responders and everyday listeners call in to stations to provide vital, sometimes life-saving information, and radio delivers that information to the community on a real-time basis. In the worst situations, listeners call in to their local stations in need of direct help, and radio is there to assist them and tell them where to go for safety or shelter.

Folks, this hits home – do you think it’s right for you to lose access to NewsTalk1130 WISN or The Big 920 WOKY when you’re on the road??

You need to make your voice heard on this issue: Text “AM” to 52886 and tell Congress to keep AM radio in all cars and trucks!

We talked about it on Monday morning.......

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