Hundreds turn out to support Rupena's Fine Foods

Last week, I shared a story about how Rupena's was in danger of closing their doors after being denied some covid-19 relief support.

Here's the back story... Rupena's Fine Foods in jeopardy, doesn’t qualify for PPP

Last weekend, hundreds local shoppers showed up in support of this long time community institution. Here's a recent post from Rupena's on their Facebook page.

This weekend has been so humbling and overwhelming with love from everyone, from the grill out to the store! We also loved seeing families walk to the store with their kids in wagons and strollers. This is what Rupena's is all about, its called FAMILY! With all of you shopping with us that is what will keep us open and going strong, and people employed. Rupena's is old fashioned in many ways. Such as the way we take grocery orders over the phone, you will get to know John A. Rupena who will personally come and deliver to you. Although we are old fashioned in many aspects we would like to eventually blend old fashioned with modern ideas such as a coffee shop within the store that also serves café items, dinner for two after hours inside the store after we close and, a place to reserve for an event within the store. Rupena's wants to create an experience for all of you but still maintain the old fashion personal service so when you come in they know your name. This is a long road away. We will continue to be competitive in our pricing and actually lower in many areas still keeping the quality. We will continue with events in the parking lot by bringing other food vendors and market vendors together to support each other. This is how we can bring the community together so we get to know each other, and to building up the shopping center to make it a destination.


The Rupena's

All I can say is our listeners are the best. Thank you

photo credit: Rupena's Facebook page

Rupena's Fine Foods

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