The Late Show's Stephen Colbert Craps on Milwaukee with a Virtual Tour

Bad enough the Democratic National Convention pulled out any reference of Milwaukee in their national logo, the DNC hardly mentions anything about our fair city during their nightly PBS-style pledge drive. This convention was supposed to be payment for the sins of Hillary Clinton and bring in 50,000 delegates and up chalk up $200 million dollars for the local economy. They locked down the Fiserv district for nothing. Only 250 people are actually there. This may go down as one of Milwaukee's biggest flops. Right up there with Tommy's Trolley or Harley's secret performer at the 100th anniversary. So once again Milwaukee and Wisconsin will be fodder for the coastal elites. Stephen Colbert unloaded all the all the Milwaukee stereotypes like beer, brats and the Bronze Fonz in a skit involving a Virtual Tour of Milwaukee. I started the video at that point, but he does poo-poo us during pretty much the whole clip.

photo credit: Getty