Badgers fans, did you miss Matt Lepay's special message for JUMP AROUND?

We did it again. Radio stations all across Wisconsin played Jump Around at 3pm on Saturday. Me being me, I thought, lets take this up a notch and have Matt Lepay, the radio voice of your Wisconsin Badgers record a special message for Badgers fans all across the country. I wrote up a script and Matt was gracious enough record it that same day. So we packaged it up with a some music and radio calls and sent it to all the Wisconsin radio stations who particpated in it. I'm not sure how many who played it like the iHeart stations in Milwaukee, Madison and Eau Claire. Also, Joe Lahti, the guy who has spearheaded the Jump Around Wisconsin Facebook page asked if we could also add some other features of the Camp Randall experience. So we included the theme from Bonanza, Sweet Caroline, Build Me A Buttercup and of course On Wisconsin. Here's the complete segment that aired on Saturday (4/11/20) at 3pm. Enjoy...and On Wisconsin. ~~ Greg (due to copywrite laws, I scoped down the songs but kept Matt's message and On Wisconsin intact)

Matt Lepay's intro to Jump Around