JEOPARDY!: Streak Extends to 23 Games

Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer returned following a two-week teachers' tournament. He earned nearly $90,000 in Monday’s game to extend his streak to 23 wins.

Due to this streak,Jeopardy! has seen a ratings spike of 13 million nightly viewers. It mirrors the time Ken Jennings won 78 consecutive games. Only Jennings has won more money than James Holzhauer. That record could be broken, based on current pace, in two weeks – provided Holzhauer continues to win.

His prize money makes a small dent in Sony Pictures Television profits, which averages $125 million annually from Jeopardy! The studio makes $25 million alone fromJeopardy!slot machines

Just 27 times he answered incorrectly and 803 been right for a rate of 97 percent correct answers.

The complete story from the Hollywood Reporter here > James Holzhauer Returns to 'Jeopardy!' as Insiders Reveal Financial Details of a Record Streak

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