The Red Bull 400 in 4 minutes 53 seconds almost straight up in da U.P.

via Red Bull by by Katrin Strobl

With competitors travelling from as far as Malaysia and Australia, the second year did not disappoint as the field of competition doubled to 1,000 athletes up for the challenge of the world’s steepest 400m race.

With more than 20 heats throughout the day, the top 40 men and top 40 women from the day moved on to the championship round.

For the Men’s Championship, Red Bull 400 vet Miles Fink-Debray (4:38.0) took first in the final heat, securing his title as the Men’s 2019 Red Bull 400 Copper Peak Winner. The 23-year-old will go on to race for the title at Red Bull 400 Park City for the second year in a row and will then head to the Red Bull 400 World Championships in Whistler later this summer. The runner hopes to secure the trifecta of three first-place finishes at the North American Red Bull 400 races for the 2019 season.

The complete weekend story and results here > Picture perfect spring conditions set the stage as racers from around the world returned to Copper Peak today for the second ever Red Bull 400 in Ironwood, Michigan.

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