Happy Nurses Week (without them, your Doctor just might kill you)

From Nurses around the country ....

"I'm an RN and had a patient tell me, 'Your job isn't stressful. All you do is take my blood pressure. I drive a truck – nowthat'sstressful.' Well, sir, I'm currently assessing eight things about you while taking your blood pressure, I just came from four other patients' rooms, my other patient is palliative and might die today, but, please, go on and tell me that I don't know about stress."

"I work for the hospital, and I workwithdoctors (along with other RNs, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, techs, radiology, etc.). We are a team. I couldn't do my job without them, and they certainly couldn't do their job without me."

"A lot of the time, nurses are the ones correcting orders or telling the doctors what needs to be done. We are constantly advocating for patients behind the scenes."

Here's the whole thing from Buzzfeed here > 17 Secrets Nurses Will Never Tell You But Really Want You To Know

General Election - National Health Service

General Election - National Health Service

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