Thank God there's still good guys in sports. Thank God for Giannis

In 2013, when the Bucks selected Giannis Antetokounmpo as the 15th pick in the NBA draft, a lot of us didn't think we'd have to worry about how to pronounce his name. He wouldn't be around for long. He was thin, untested, unknown and raw babyfaced teenager with just a handful of impressive clips against limited competition...from Greece? He started showing us what he could do in the first couple of seasons. the heck are we going to pronounce his name. Let's just call him "The Greek Freak". Well the soon to be crowned NBA MVP has earned the right to be called by only his first name...Giannis. Just like Tiger, Micheal, and Magic. What we love the most is that Giannis still remains humble. Our good friend from, Matt Mueller has put together the incredible timeline of how we got here.

1. His origin story

2. That time he tried a smoothie for the first time

3. Actually, all of his food adventures are great

4. This story. Just ... this story.....

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