Are you suffering from costly subscription creep

Financial advisors are suggesting that people take a few minutes to look at your debit and credit card statements -- and really see what’s going on.

There’s a good chance you’re suffering from “subscription creep,” which means you’ve been subscribing to services that you might not actually be using

If you have cable or satellite TV, plus Hulu, Netflix, YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video, you have overlap. And then, there’s food services and gaming services. And, music services. And, sports services.

Do the math and figure out the yearly cost of your subscriptions by multiplying the monthly charge by 12. If you see yourself keeping the subscription five years, do that math too. Then, a seemingly insignificant $30-per-month expense becomes $1,800.

Do you use and value the subscription? A gym membership is perhaps the best example of a noble subscription gone wrong — when you quit going but continue paying.

Ask yourself if a subscription saves you money or time. Has it lived up to its promise?

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