Reba McEntire wants Country to get back to the Real Country

Reba McEntire is about to release a new album on April 5th called Stronger Than The Truth. After listening to the first single, she may just force the record labels in the right direction

In a new interview with the PBS New Hour, she reveals that this wasn’t always her call, just like it isn’t for a lot of artists who are signed to country music’s major labels. “Every time I would try to do something very country, the record label or somebody would want me to go more contemporary, or what mainstream was at the time, or what radio was playing at the time. So it’s just back to basics for me. It’s my heart. It’s me. At this stage, I’ve been wanting to do it forever. But finally I get to.”

On the issue of Bro-Country: “Oh, it’s the Bro trend,”Reba said.“You know, ‘Hey Bro, let’s go down to the river and catch some fish,’ and everybody’s a good ol’ boy, and that’s the Bro music. I think it’s kind of going away from that a little bit. I would really like it to get back to the real strong country, the country of Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, Mel Tillis. I miss that kind of country.”

As far as women in country, she stopped short of saying that women have gotten a little lazy: “They want it, but they don’t want to have to do everything you have to do to get there. You have to stay away from home a lot. You have to leave your kids home with a nanny. You have to say no to a lot of great things you would get to do at home with your family, like missing your kid’s championship hockey game. A lot of that stuff, I wish if I could go back, what would I do? How would I do it again, knowing what I know now? But you can’t look back. You can’t live on regret.”

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Reba McEntire will be hosting the 2019 ACM Awards on Sunday, April 7th.

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