Been doing this for almost 40 years and radio is STILL red hot

I've been through 45's, 8 tracks, carts, reel to reel, cassettes, CD's, AM stereo, hard drives, satellite, ipods, HD radio and for almost 40 years I've always been told radio is a dying medium. Here's to another 40!

While the audio marketplace is continually expanding as a result of increased accessibility and emerging technology, radio remains front and center, reaching more Americans each week than any other media source, at 92% among U.S. adults 18+. That is more than twice the usage of the next audio platform in line, streaming audio on smartphones, at 45%. The just released Q3 Nielsen Total Audience Report has podcasts as the No. 3 most popular audio platform, with 19% of usage; followed by satellite radio, at 16%; and streaming audio on a tablet, 13%.

The complete data from Nielsen here > Nielsen: Media Usage Shifts, But Radio Remains Consistent.

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