3 to 5 inches of snow possible for MKE, The U.P. says hold my beer

Here's a number of pictures from my Facebook Friends in the U.P. of Michigan. Jon Erickson posted a number of pictures of plowing through 7 foot drifts on a road in Ironwood, MI. It took them 11 hours to get through. Sam Erspamer with pics of snowblowing challenges and raking snow off the roof. Sam is a radio buddy of mine from my old radio staion up nort'. 99.7 WIMI, The Storm Joe Semo Jr with an ironic picture of snowmobiles. Joe is an insurance adjuster who I hope is on high blood pressure pills. Amy Anderson's commute to work and Phactory Phil's ride down a country road.

It took them 11 hours of trying to get all the roads in Ironwood township open today, some of the drifts where over 7 ft deep. Photo credit by Jon Erickson
It will melt soon enough! Might be a good time to hang those Christmas lights! Photo courtesy Sam Erspamer
photo courtesy of Joe Semo Jr.
Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon

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