Red Bull 400 Copper Peak Saturday (check out the video)

For the first time since 1994, Copper Peak, the iconic ski flying hill in Ironwood, Michigan, will once again play host to another international competition on May 12, 2018. This time, however, the competition and format will look completely different from what gained the jump worldwide recognition. 

The event will be none other than Red Bull 400, the world’s steepest 400-meter race. The principle is simple: participants start at the bottom of the ski jump and race 400 meters uphill 40 stories to the top of the largest artificial ski jump tower in the world. The nearly vertical race challenges participants’ speed and endurance, and is guaranteed to put the participants’ calves, quads and fitness, to the ultimate test. 

Copper Peak was built in 1969 and held its first International Ski Flying Competition in 1970. From 1970 to 1994, seventeen countries competed at ten international ski competitions before Copper Peak closed in 1994. In recent years, Copper Peak has become a popular tourist destination as the view from the top of the jump provides a 360-degree panorama overlooking nearly 40 miles of the Midwest in every direction. 

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