The Delafield barn could be smiling again

via The Milwaukee Business Journal by Sean Ryan

The barn gained its name thanks to its historic yellow paint job and smiley face pointed east at drivers coming down I-94. That paint job has been gone for more than a decade, and the building currently has only the name of The Montage furniture store facing the interstate.

Waukesha County resident Maria Luther bought the property this month from Montage’s owners, who plan to close shop. She will open a toy and candy store in the barn called – what else? – The Smiley Barn. Pending city approval for the sign, she will paint it “barn” red, and bring back the smile.

“This is a very special property,” Luther said. “The barn was built in the early 1900s. It is an iconic building. It’s a historical treasure, and it needs to have its smiley back.”

The smile sign will require approval from Delafield’s Plan Commission. Luther said she will seek those approvals next month.

The complete story here > Smiley barn in Delafield may get its smile back after selling

You can help bring back the Smiley Barn by checking out their Facebook page

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