Canadian player immediately removes silver medal after loss

via Fox News by Benjamin Brown

A Canadian women's hockey player apparently unhappy with winning a silver medal after being defeated by the U.S. team abruptly took off the medal during the ceremony after the game.

The Canadians, who had pushed the Americans around for much of the game and taken penalties for it, wept on the ice as they accepted their silver medals.

Jocelyne Larocque took hers off immediately and held it in her hands as the Americans stood nearby awaiting their gold.

"It's just hard," Larocque said. "You work so hard. We wanted gold but didn't get it."

Larocque was swiftly criticized on social media for what appeared to some as unsportsman-like conduct.

"Poor sportsmanship," one woman posted on Twitter. "You can’t win every time. Wait until you’re off the ice to be bitter and salty."

Others on social media let the move slide and said it was just her competitive spirit.

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