VIDEO: Cougar stops by home in Brookfield over the weekend


BROOKFIELD -- Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Saturday, Feb. 17 confirmed a cougar sighting in Brookfield -- on Raven Ct. near Raven Dr.

The nearest big intersection is Lilly Rd. and Lisbon Ave.

According to a news release from Brookfield police, shortly before 6 p.m., they responded to a report of a cougar under a pine tree in a resident's backyard. Police said DNR agents responded and confirmed this was a cougar.

Police said the animal appeared to be very passive and may have been injured/hit by a car.

Officers weren't able to neutralize or use a dart gun on the cougar due to the proximity of homes and thick brush in the area.

It was determined the DNR would return on Sunday morning "to attempt to deal with it."

Neighbors were notified.

The complete story from Fox 6 Now here > Exclusive video: DNR, police confirm cougar sighting on Raven Ct. in Brookfield

Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon

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