UW student goes viral for wearing SHORTS in the snow (UK paper)

via The Daily Mail by  MARLENE LENTHANG

A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found Twitter fame when his school shared an image of him walking through heavy snowfall in shorts   

  • A tweet from the university warned students to dress warmly in the freezing temperatures 
  • The student is pictured heading to class baring his arms and calves in 17F weather 
  • The photo, posted yesterday, has fans applauding his boldness and others questioning by his bold fashion choices

A bold Wisconsin student shocked his campus when he walked to class in nothing but a short-sleeved shirt, pair of shorts, and sneakers in frigid 17 degree Fahrenheit weather.

Little did he know his bold winter fashion statement would bring him Twitter fame after his university shared a snap of his skin-baring outfit as he walked in the middle of a winter storm. 

The hilarious photograph sees the nonchalant student wearing glasses and listening to music as he walks upon inches of snow to class. His outfit - a plaid button down shirt and a pair of cargo shorts - barely covers himself from the cold and the snowfall.

The complete story here > 'Taking tips from the Bermuda Olympic team': University of Wisconsin-Madison student goes viral for wearing SHORTS in the snow as temperatures dip to just 17F

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