It’s so cold in Russia people’s eyelashes are freezing – it’s -79F

A woman’s eyelashes became frozen because it was so cold (Picture: Siberian Times)

via by Richard Hartley-Parkinson

The official weather station at the ‘pole of cold’ registered minus 59°C, but locals said their readings were as low as minus 67°C – less than 1°C off the lowest accepted temperature for a permanent settlement anywhere in the world, recorded in the same village in 1933. None of this stopped a group of resilient Chinese visiting Oymyakon from peeling down to their underwear in the blistering conditions and taking a splash in a mysterious pool fed by a spring that never freezes in the village. They won admiration from local journalist Elena Pototskaya who wrote: ‘Today at the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon – in a 65-degree frost – Chinese tourists swim in the ice-free spring Yeyemu.

The complete story here > It’s so cold in Russia people’s eyelashes are freezing – it’s -62°C

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