You Can Now Decorate Your Beard With Christmas Ornaments

via Ladbible by Chris Ogden

The Christmas season is getting closer once again, and everyone knows what that means. Yes, it means that people are going to be digging out their tacky Christmas sweaters and inflicting those singing, flashing horrors upon our eyes once more.

Historically, there have been limits to people's holiday get-ups - people may have a beard as enormous as Santa Claus himself but thankfully, they haven't found a way to decorate them with baubles or fairy lights yet. Until now.

That's right, some new business has come up with beard ornaments (or "beardaments") for hairy men to "season up their beard". And no, they don't mean with salt and pepper.

The complete story here > You Can Now Decorate Your Beard With Christmas Ornaments

So grab a 12-pack of these "beardaments" here and … happy decorating?


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