13 Weird Side Effects Everyone Experiences From Growing Up In Wisconsin

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Ok, it’s time to admit it – growing up in Wisconsin might make you a little strange. All the unique, wonderful things we love about our state might also be the things that make us seem a bit off to everyone else. They’re they quirks that make us wonderful Wisconsinites, but maybe life here should come with a warning: “Side effects may include …”

1. You find yourself craving cheese.


This one is especially for anyone who'd lived away from Wisconsin for a bit. I think that distance really helps you understand how truly spoiled we are. We can buy cheese at highway-side gas stations that kicks most other state's cheese selections out of the water. There's just really nowhere else who's residents think "you know, a Hook's aged cheddar would really make this dish."

2. You consider anything above 40 degrees to be shorts weather.

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There's nothing better than being on vacation in a different climate and being able to spot the midwesterners. We're the ones who'll remind you it has to be at least 32 degrees to snow, so a blizzard is usually actually a warm up.

3. You're convinced you don't have an accent.

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We're not quite so bad as Fargo, and we don't "Doncha know" quite as badly as Minnesotans, but whether you're drawing out the "O" in soda or the "A" in bag, it's usually pretty obvious where that accent comes from. Of course, you'll tell anyone you ever encounter that not only do you not have an accent, but the midwest dialect is what they teach people in acting school as "American."

4. You find the concept of four distinct seasons laughable.


I suppose techinically we have all four of them, but often Spring forgets itself and it snows into May or Fall gets confused and it's 75 in October. Plus, none of this accounts for Construction Season, so basically I think the four seasons thing they teach you in school is a big myth.

5. You automatically reply "yes" when someone offers you Packer tickets even if it's going to be miserable out.

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Not only that, but you'll thank them profusely and think it was the best time ever! If you live near Green Bay, you'll volunteer to shovel snow off the bleachers and then you'll show up and snuggle in with your bench mates. Then you'll lament when one of them gets up for a beer run because your whole side is now freezing cold. But you'll tell the story of being there in the blizzard to friends for years to come.

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31 Dec 1994:  Defensive lineman Reggie White of the Green Bay Packers cheers with his teammates and fans during a playoff game against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The Packers won the game, 16-12. Mandatory Credit: Al Bello

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