Two minutes with the #USOpen player they call "Beef"

via by Nate Proell

Cheers can constantly be heard among fans at Erin Hills as they watch their favorite players take on the 117th U.S. Open.

However, for one player it is not so much cheers that can be heard. Instead, it is the yelling of his nickname: "Beef."

Englishman Andrew "Beef" Johnston is participating in his second U.S. Open with a score of -1 after Saturday's play.

The nickname stems back to when he was a child. His friends would always comment that his curly hair looked like ground beef.

Known for his causal demeanor and fan friendly personality, when Johnston is nearby his presence is know as fans yell "Beef" and he responds with a smile and a wave in his Arby's logo golf shirt.

Following Saturday's round and after waiting patiently for Johnston to finish signing countless autographs for fans, I got a chance to walk and talk with him as he headed to his TV interview.

The conversation lasted two minutes. Here is how it went with Andrew "Beef" Johnston.

Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon

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