Something you don't want to see before takeoff

via Fox News

Fuel gushed from a United Airlines plane's wing Wednesday afternoon, forcing it to return to its gate after a passenger noticed the leak, Fox News Chief correspondent Jonathan Hunt reported.

A video taken by Rachel and Mike Brumfield, who were on their honeymoon shows a fountain of fuel spilling onto the tarmac from the wing of United flight 170 travelling from Newark, NJ to Venice, Italy.

Mike alerted the flight crew, who dismissed him, Rachel said.

“He’s like, ‘But something’s not right.’ They said, ‘Is it an emergency?’ He said, ‘I don’t know,’ so they said, ‘Go sit down.’ They said, ‘Everything’s normal,’” Rachel said.

When crew members finally looked out the window, they ran to the cockpit and the the engines were shut off. Fire engines came rushing over to the plane.

"How not one crew member saw this is beyond me. Thank god we were lookin out the window at take off," Rachel tweeted.

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