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Son of Flyers Interim GM Was Charged With Crime After Wheelchair Incident

Carson Briere, the son of Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Danny Briere, has been charged in relation to an incident in which he shown on video pushing a woman's wheelchair down the steps of a bar in Erie, CBS News reports.

Briere, 23, was charged with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and related offenses, as well as suspended from the Mercyhurst University hockey team. Patrick Carrozzi, who also attends Mercyhurst and plays lacrosse, was also charged with the same offenses in connection to the incident, which took place at Sullivan's Pub and Eatery.

The video, which was shared by Twitter user @juliazukowski, shows Briere and two friends standing at the top of the bar's steps at the bar before Briere sits in the wheelchair and then pushes it down the steps. Nate Sanders, the head of security at Sullivan's, told CBS Philadelphia that Briere pushed the wheelchair after the woman was taken downstairs by security to use a staff bathroom.

Sanders described the wheelchair crashing down as sounding "like someone fell down the stairs." The woman was carried back up the steps and put back in her wheelchair after the incident took place.

Briere and another friend were kicked out of the bar after members of security reviewed footage of the incident, Sanders confirmed to CBS Philadelphia.

Danny Briere issued an official statement obtained by CBS News in response to the incident involving his son.

"I was shocked to see Carson's actions in the video that was shared on social media yesterday," he said. "They are inexcusable and run completely counter to our family's values on treating people with respect. Carson is very sorry and accepts full responsibility for his behavior."

Carson Briere is scheduled for a court appearance in May, according to CBS News.

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