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Nick Wright Predicts the Entire NFL Standings For Upcoming 2022 Season

Watch Nick Wright predict the NFL standings for all 32 teams in the upcoming 2022 season, as Nick picks which teams he thinks will win each division, and seeds them for the playoffs.

Here is Nick's standings prediction as follows:

*=playof team

NFC East

*1. Dallas Cowboys: 12-5

2. Philadelphia Eagles: 8-9

3. Washington Commanders: 4-13

4. New York Giants: 4-13

NFC North

*1. Green Bay Packers: 12-5

*2. Chicago Bears: 11-6

*3. Minnesota Vikings: 8-9

4. Detroit Lions: 6-11

NFC South

*1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 10-7

2. New Orleans Saints: 8-9

3. Atlanta Falcons: 3-14

4. Carolina Panthers: 3-14

NFC West

*1. Los Angeles Rams: 14-3

*2. San Francisco 49ers: 14-3

3. Arizona Cardinals: 8-9

4. Seattle Seahawks: 4-13

AFC East

*1. Buffalo Bills: 13-4

2. New England Patriots: 7-10

3. Miami Dolphins: 5-12

4. New York Jets: 5-12

AFC North

*1. Baltimore Ravens: 14-3

*2. Cleveland Browns: 10-7

3. Cincinnati Bengals: 9-8

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: 7-10

AFC South

*1. Indianapolis Colts: 12-5

*2. Tennessee Titans: 10-7

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-9

4. Houston Texans: 5-12

AFC West

*1. Kansas City Chiefs: 12-5

*2. Los Angeles Chargers: 12-5

3. Denver Broncos: 9-8

4. Las Vegas Raiders: 6-11

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