Dolphins Players Reportedly Don't Think Tua Tagovailoa is a Good QB

Colin Cowherd: “The Miami Dolphins are planning to evaluate the entire team and some players already ‘evaluated’ Tua, who according to the GM and coach would be the starting quarterback next year... But according to a report in Miami ‘That caught the attention of at least three players within the team because they have told the Miami Herald in recent days that they didn’t see enough from Tua to promise him anything for next season.’ The players spoke anonymously to not suffer consequences said: ‘They’re unimpressed with him. They were totally caught off guard with the confidence and the commitment. When he was named starter in the seventh game of the year players said they were concerned. Although he was humble and a great kid and a great competitor, they were concerned in training camp that he didn’t have any special qualities, and didn’t think he would be ready for the year. They also said that they don’t see special traits in him beyond his accuracy’… Oh, my God, it’s like we’re watching the same games!!… ‘They got frustrated, said the players, and a defensive player said ‘when Flores told the team that Fitzpatrick would not be available for the season finale against Buffalo, players got frustrated clearly thinking that Fitzpatrick was the better player’… THIS was my concern the Friday before Tua started. I said I liked him in college but I’m watching Josh Allen, I’m watching Justin Herbert, I’m watching Joe Burrow, and I’m seeing Lamar -- you gotta have some ‘IT’ here at this position beyond being ‘accurate’. I didn’t see it then, and don’t see it now… You can’t fool players. Players know if it’s a good draft pick or a bad draft pick after a couple practices. That doesn’t mean that they should be general managers, but they understand who’s got it, and who doesn’t.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent report in the Miami Herald that detailed some of the frustrations within the Dolphins locker room with the organization’s confidence in rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, as some anonymous Dolphins players said they didn’t see any ‘special’ with Tua.

The report says players were ‘unimpressed’ with Tua’s playing abilities, adding that they didn’t agree with the decision to switch off Ryan Fitzpatrick when they did.

Dolphins GM Chris Grier has already come out and said that Tagovailoa will be the team's starting QB next season, but the team is now being linked to Deshaun Watson in a trade that would include Tua and Miami's two first-round picks. This includes the no. 3 overall pick, which was taken from Houston in the Laremy Tunsil trade.

Tagovailoa had a lukewarm rookie year that saw him get benched twice in one five-game stretch, then get annihilated in a career-worst performance during a must-win Week 17 game in Buffalo. Tagovailoa finished the season 26th in QBR, 30th in yards per attempt, and second to last in the NFL in yards per game.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why he’s not surprised with this report in the Miami Herald, as Colin was the one of the first in the media to say he didn’t like the NFL outlook for Tagovailoa, even before he played in his first game for the Dolphins [archived video at the bottom of the page].

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