Rob Parker: 'Spoiled Brat' Tom Brady is a Classless Cheater

Rob Parker: 'Spoiled Brat' Tom Brady is a Classless Cheater
Rob Parker: “This was classless and fits in with the Tom Brady ‘aw shucks, gee wiz’ clean imagine that people want to portray of him... But he’s a convicted CHEATER – suspended by the NFL, and he’s CLASSLESS when it comes to other people. Tom has won a lot and he’s been on the side where people have come over to him and congratulated him with the highest honors. I expect more from him. Have some respect for the game, and have some respect for other people. NOBODY likes to lose, that’s the weakest BS argument I’ve ever heard. Tom Brady should be BIGGER than that and held to a higher standard. He gets to cheat? He gets to walk off and disrespect other players? Players shouldn’t accept that from Tom Brady… He comes off as Tom ‘BABY’. He’s a spoiled brat that has to have everything his way.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Tom Brady for not shaking hands with Jared Goff after the Rams' Monday Night Football victory over Brady's Bucs, as Rob says we need to start calling the 43-year-old Tom ‘Baby’ for his childish postgame antics.

Check out the audio above as Rob details why Brady is ‘classless’ and a nothing short of a ‘spoiled brat.’

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