Brewers superfan @ThatGirlOnDeck joins Drew&KB

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Megan Brown joined Drew & KB (Twitter: @thangirlondeck)

Megan Brown, a New York-based Brewers fan who tweets @ThatGirlOnDeck, visited Drew & KB during their live broadcast Friday afternoon at Leff's Lucky Town.

To learn more about Megan and her passion for the Brewers, check out this profile from our friend Matt Mueller of And, take a listen to the conversation below and check out a sampling of some of this devoted Brewers fan's social media posts. 

Drew & KB consider all of their listeners - past, present and future - to be "smart and good looking" and above average in most ways. Megan is all of that and passionate about the Brewers. 

Check out the interview. 

Here are some more examples of Megan's Brewers-themed social media posts: 

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