If You See This Odd Object Outside Your Home, Call The Police Immediately

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Police issue so many warnings, it's hard to know what to really pay attention to. Recently, alerts have gone out about folded dollar bills on the ground, cheese on cars, bottles wrapped in aluminum foil, eggs being thrown at you, and plenty of other things. Now, a pretty serious one has been issued about a strange object some people are seeing outside of their homes.

Authorities in Southern California shared the warning on Facebook, including a picture of what they found. It looks like a circular clump of leaves but if you look closer, you'll see there is a camera in the middle of them. In their post, the Alhambra Police explained they found the hidden camera following an attempted burglary at the house it was pointing at.

They wrote, "Unfortunately, camouflage cameras are a tactic being used in residential burglaries. These cameras are strategically placed in discrete areas, such as bushes, to allow thieves to gather information about homeowners' daily routines to burglarize their homes."

It's not the only camera they have found. Days after seeing this one, another was located in a different neighborhood.

Along with the warning, the police advise residents to "regularly inspect the exterior of your home for any unfamiliar objects or changes in the landscaping that could potentially hide a surveillance camera." They also suggest these tips:

  • Never leave a hidden key at home.
  • If you spot a suspicious vehicle, write down the license plate and report it.
  • Always lock doors and windows when leaving, even if only for a moment.
  • Keep your front porch and exteriors well-lit.
  • Keep trees and bushes well-trimmed so they don’t become a hiding spot for thieves.
  • Install home security cameras and monitor frequently.
  • If you spot a broken window or open door, do not enter and call police immediately.

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