Colin Cowherd: Dolphins Should Move Off Tua, Draft a 1st Round Quarterback

Joy Taylor: “Dolphins, to QB or not to QB?”

Colin Cowherd: “I would use the pick and I would get a quarterback. My reasoning is that you also got the 18th pick, so you can keep rebuilding that offensive line. I don’t see the JUICE with Tua. If he throws off-platform, he doesn’t have the arm strength. I know he’s got a winning record, and I know their GM and coach like him, and I get it – there are things to like, but when I look at that division and see a potential of Deshaun Watson with the Jets, and Josh Allen is with the Bills, I don’t think you can have a quarterback deficit a minimum four times a year in your division. He would be at-best the third-best quarterback in the division. I’d go get a quarterback with that third pick.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Dolphins should draft a quarterback with the no. 3 overall pick in this April’s 2021 NFL Draft, and why he believes there just wasn’t enough ‘JUICE’ with rookie Tua Tagovailoa to build the team around him.

Tagovailoa had a lukewarm rookie year that saw him get benched twice in one five-game stretch, then get annihilated in a career-worst performance during a must-win Week 17 game in Buffalo. Tagovailoa finished the season 26th in QBR, 30th in yards per attempt, and second to last in the NFL in yards per game.

Check out the video above as Colin details which teams he believes will also move on from their current quarterbacks and draft a QB in the first round.

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