Thunder, Josh and Armen get AFTER IT!

While the focus of The Longshot Podcast was Jesus and the All-Star voting, the gents quickly got into a heated discussion about the Brewers' win capabilities over the final 70 games of the season, and if they are watching the Cubs.

Armen is worried about the NL Standings. Not just the Cubs, but the Dodgers and the Wild Card standings as well.

Thunder and Josh believe we, the fans, need to watch THE BREWERS. While we can't control what the Crew does on the field, we REALLY can't control what all the other teams do - so why worry about the Cubs?

Meanwhile, the guys also debated if Jabari should stay with the Bucks, if Aaron really needs a new contract with the Packers, and tried to test a new flavor of Big League Chew!

Oh, and lots of other things too! Listen now:

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