New Bucks Arena - WOW!

So, last week I got to visit the new Milwaukee Bucks arena, and it was pretty awesome.

From event spaces, to COOL UPPER DECK spaces - this arena is stacked! I love that the upper deck was NOT an afterthought... this new arena will be an experience for EVERYONE, not just the people with their feet on the wood.

There are 11K seats in the lower deck and 6K in the upper deck - but all decks have a focus. There is even a deck ABOVE the upper deck, that is just PHAT - an awesome panoramic view of the northern, eastern and southern parts of downtown.

And on this level, there is an OUTDOOR DECK facing east. Hello awesome!

So, yes, I do want to have my Bar Mitzvah party here.

Meanwhile, here is the new scoreboard:

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