Improve your odds at catching a homer at Miller Park


Online ticket broker worked with ESPN to figure out which seat locations at every Major League Baseball stadium gives fans the best chance to catch a home run ball.

Despite the efforts of National League home run leader Chris Carter in 2016, Miller Park was the site of a middle-of-the-pack 197 home runs in 2016, ranking fifteenth across the MLB. With the loss of Carter and his 41 homers to the Yankees this offseason, promising newcomers Eric Thames and Travis Shaw - along with longtime Brewer Ryan Braun - will need to pad the power statistics for Milwaukee.

With ample space just between the outfield walls and outfield seats, Miller Park was the site of the second-most uncatchable home runs in the MLB last season. Nevertheless, savvy fans have good options on both sides of the outfield, and those seeking a home run ball should look to section 102 in right and 236 in left, which combined were the landing sites of nearly a quarter of Miller Park’s catchable homers in 2016. While the rebuilding Brewers may be a long shot to compete for the NL Central in 2017, Milwaukee’s home run celebration – featuring mascot Bernie Brewer taking a ride down Miller Park’s famous slide – should more than make up for any disappointment.

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