The 10 Worst paying Jobs in America! (wait, a logger makes more?)

24/7 Wall St. pooled together data to find out which jobs are technically the worst jobs in the country that are low-paying jobs in dangerous situations and with poor prospects for the future. They based their ranking several factors including stress, environment, and salaries and here are the top 10 and their median salaries:

  1. Newspaper Reporter ($36,360)
  2. Broadcaster ($37,720)
  3. Logger ($36,210)
  4. Enlisted Military Personnel ($27,936)
  5. Pest Control Worker ($32,162)
  6. Disk Jockey ($30, 080)
  7. Advertising Sales Person ($48,490)
  8. Firefighter ($46,870)
  9. Retail Salesperson ($22,040)
  10. Taxi Driver ($23,510)

While the salaries seem great from some of those, they are marked as some of the worst because of their projected job growth or the environment they are in!

Guess it might be a good thing to have a back-up plan just in case!

Source: Newser

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