Help Wanted: NFL draft 'expert'


"The Drew Olson Show" is looking for someone from our audience to serve as our 'expert' for the upcoming NFL Draft. 

Do you spend hours watching YouTube video of prospects? Do you think Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are overpaid blowhards? 

Do you thirst to share your draft knowledge with thousands of smart, good-looking listeners? 

QUALIFICATIONS: Must listen to or have heard of "The Drew Olson Show" on The Big 920. Must have a strong interest in the NFL Draft and the Green Bay Packers. Must be able to provide information on top players at important positions, particularly those who would be on the Packers' board. 

DUTIES: Provide analysis on a 10-minute daily segment during "The Drew Olson Show," with times to be determined between 1-3 p.m. each day of NFL Draft Week (April 24-28). 

TO APPLY: Call the show, (414) 799-1920 during the week of April 17 to answer questions online. Any other submissions can be sent to or via twitter - @DrewOlsonMKE or @TheBig920

COMPENSATION: Regional fame, glory and bragging rights. Possibly a station T-shirt or bobblehead.

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