Afraid of going to a muddy dog park? Nissan Rogue SUV “Rogue Dogue” is here!

ROLLE, Switzerland (Mar. 1, 2017) – Almost all dog owners consider their pet to be part of the family, research has revealed. Furthermore, the vast majority says they would buy a new car that boasts more dog-friendly features. To meet their demands, NisNissan has built a one-off crossover that any dog would love, perhaps with the exception of the built-in shower.

Nissan’s European division has come up with a clever solution to keep dogs happy on the road. Based off the X-Trail crossover, or the Rogue as it’s known here in the U.S., the concept features a bed, no-spill water bowl, and treat dispenser. A slide-out ramp makes it easy to get dogs in and out of the cargo bay, and clip-on harness hooks keep them safe while the vehicle is moving. An integrated shower and dryer make sure they don’t track dirt into the cargo bay, although the leather upholstery was made to be easily cleaned and removed should any mishaps occur.  More from Motor Trend here > 

Spoil your pet with leather upholstery, integrated treat dispenser

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