"One Shining Moment" still stinks

The discussion comes back every year. Every year, I clarify my opinion. 

I hate "One Shining Moment." 

I know the song, which is played with a montage of NCAA tournament highlights at the end of the national championship game, is destination viewing for millions. It gives hardcore college basketball fans "the feels." 

It still sucks. 

Look, I have no problem with the highlight montage. It's a great tradition and the way CBS folds championship highlights into a meaningful and moving 3-minute recap of the tournament is a testament to the talent of the production staff. 

Some quibble the vignettes -- guy diving for ball, chubby trumpet player going crazy, coach screaming at referee, cheerleader with an "Iron Eyes Cody" tear streaming down her cheek - have become cliches. They have. That doesn't bother me. 

What bothers me is the song. 

Whether sung by Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandros, Jennifer Hudson or Bruce Springsteen, If you listen to David Barrett's lyrics, you are transported to Mrs. Bower's fifth grade classroom and the unit on poetry. 

I mean... 

"Feel the beat of your heart
"Feel the wind in your face
"It's more than a contest
"It's more than a race..."

The rest of the song is no better, which is why I prefer this version.  I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves. 


The ball is tipped
And there you are
You're running for your life
You're a shooting star

And all the years
No one knows
Just how hard you worked
But now it shows...

(in) one shining moment,
it's all on the line
One shining moment, 
there frozen in time

But time is short
And the road is long
In the blinking of an eye
Ah, that moment's gone

And when it's done
Win or lose
You always did your best
Cuz inside you knew...
(that) one shining moment 
you reached deep inside
One shining moment,
you knew you were alive

Feel the beat of your heart
Feel the wind in your face
It's more than a contest
It's more than a race...

And when it's done
Win or lose
You always did your best
Cuz inside you knew...

(that) one shining moment, 
you reached for the sky
One shining moment, you knew
One shining moment, you were willing to try

One shining moment

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